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Laundering Instructions for Carbon-X & Master Series Clothing

Carbon-X Clothing:

Carbon-X woven and non-woven fabrics will never lose their nonflammable fire retardant properties if they are always laundered properly. Please do follow the instructions below to ensure the life of the garment.

It is recommended that you wash your Carbon–X garment before the initial use. This will eliminate any residue from manufacturing and also eliminate any loose fiber. It is common to experience lint buildup after your first laundering in your dryer's lint catcher.

Your Carbon-X garment should be wash in cold or warm water. Use a small amount of mild detergent (avoid excessive detergent; this may cause excessive build up on the yarns.) Wash on gentle full cycle. It is recommended not use bleach or fabric softeners.

For drying of your Carbon–X garment, low heat or hang dry is recommended.

Master Series Clothin

Our ultra-light weight clothing is manufactured from the NOR- FAB fabric. This fabric is 100% inherent flame resistance that will never wash out or wear out. Proper care for your NOR-FAB clothing is important & you may elect to use Home or Industrial laundering, however precautionary measures should be followed. Do not use chlorine bleach this may cause degradation of the fibers. Use liquid detergent and avoid soap that contains animal fat. Do not use fabric softener or dryer sheets. Fabric softener starches and other laundry aids can coat the fiber and mask the FR characteristics

Tumble dry medium-140-160°F.