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Arc Goggle - Medium Energy - 45 Cal

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Arc Goggle - Medium Energy - 45 Cal
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Arc Goggle without Nose Sheild. Arc Thermal Performance Value (ATPV) 45 Cal/cm². Must be worn with additional PPE.
Product Details


Arc Goggle designed for high energy Arc Flash Protection. Arc Thermal Performance Value (ATPV) 45 Cal/cm². Must be worn with additional PPE.


The Arc Goggle is designed to be worn with an approved arc flash Balaclava that meets or exceeds the hazard assessment. Electrical arc flash as per the hazard assessment requirements listed in NFPA 70-E-2004.


Optically correct dual layer lens; nanotechnology design provides the highest level of arc protection and durability for the VLT (Visible Light Transmittance). Outer polycarbonate lens is hard coated and the inner propionate lens is anti-fog treated. Tested to the requirements of ASTM F2178..


Silicone strap is comfortable and easily adjustable with gloves.


Frame manufactured from silicone and fits over most prescription safety and sun protective spectacles.

Designed to meet the performance specifications of NFPA 70E- 2004 @ 45 Cal/Cm² and ANSI Z87.1 Tested under ASTM F2178.
Cap style and full brim safety helmets.
Silicone frame and strap. Polycarbonate outer lens and a propionate inner lens. Polymer alloy components.
Black frame with black bezel.

Competitive Advantage

The ArcGoggle in combination with an approved Balaclava and helmet is the only known system that provides an alternative to the use of Bee Keeper style hoods for Electrical Arc Safety up to 45 Cal/Cm². Provides primary eye protection as per Z87.1 and replaces the safety glass requirement.


This product does not meet the face shield requirements of NFP 70-E-2004