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Arc Suppression Blankets

Our ARC SUPPRESSION, ARC BLAST BLANKET is a NEW TECHNOLOGY blanket. It is the only blanket of its kind and at best price. It provides benefits that is not achievable by other Electrical Arc blankets commonly seen on the market.


  1. Offers more effective protection and durability
  2. Does not emit toxic gas
  3. Does not absorb, water, solvent or oil
  4. Either side of the blanket can be use against the arc
  5. Our blankets are resistant to UV rays
  6. Much less costly than other arc suppression, arc blast blankets

Our new arc blankets offer greater flexibility in use. They are tested and proven to offer equal or greater protection against arc blast incidents. The links that follow will provide you with more information on our blankets.

  1. Electric Arc Exposure Test Report - 40KA B9612, Two Layer (32oz over 40oz)
  2. Electric Arc Exposure Test Report - 15KA B961, Single Layer (32oz)

Buy an arc blanket kit which gives you a blanket a protector bag and the necessary straps per blanket size.

What Is an arc Suppression Blanket?

It is a protective device designed and built to abate the dangers of an Arc blast or explosion.

What is an Arc Blast?

It is a dangerous event that develops from an Arc flash. This event can be initiated when a small quantity of air is mixed with the released energy from an electrical fault. The air becomes super-heated and forms a pressure bolt more than thousands of pounds. The release of this pressure results in an explosion/blast. When an arc flash occurs, it could be in different forms. The one I will discuss here is the plasma arc, which is most common. Plasma arc is a combination of superheated ionized air and the vaporization of material in its path. An example of such could be metal from the conductor.

We developed our arc Suppression blankets to offer additional protection and improve workers survivability in life-threatening situations. Our arc blast blankets can be used in confined areas, such as the underground network or near adjacent energized cables that cannot be taken out of service. The technology used in the manufacturing of our Electrical Arc Suppression blankets has given us the very best in Arc Blast Blankets at a very competitive price.

Our Arc Flash Suppression Blankets are manufactured from fiberglass product with a proprietary silicone mixed coating that enhances the flame-resistant properties of fiberglass. This is unique to the industry. The manufacturing of our blankets with fiberglass, not only add uniqueness to this process but it has developed a product far superior to other products that are commonly used.

We offer two levels of protection- 15KA and 40KA along with two standard sizes 4'x5' and 4'x8' for each level of protection. Your special size can be custom. The 15 KA unit is a single-layered product with grommets with BTP rating of 213 and the 40KA unit is a double layered product with grummets with a BTP rating 509. You may use either side of our blanket toward the arc, unlike most others. We do have available Kevlar straps or ropes with buckle to aide in the mounting of the blankets.

Our blankets do not emit any toxic gas, does not absorb water, solvent or oil. Our blankets are resistant to UV rays, thus outdoor use is not a problem. The blankets can be easily clean by manually wash with soap and water. Do NOT MACHINE WASH THE BLANKETS. For storage, roll the blankets, DO NOT FOLD OR CREASE.

TESTED to ASTM F 2676-09.