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PPE 2 - Arc Flash Kits

Our PPE 2 Arc Flash Kits - 8and 12 cal/cm2 arc kits are manufactured from a single layer of Indura Ultra Soft fabric plus a combination of other fabric to provide a minimum arc rating of 8 or 12cal/cm2 protection levels. Our 8 ca/l/cms2 and 12cal/cm2 kits are assembled with the clothing as specified plus hard cap, face shield, chin cup, knitted nomex hood, arc insulated rubber glove kit (insulated rubber gloves, leather protector gloves, and glove bag), safety glasses, ear plugs and gear bag for storage and protection. All kits are assembled to NFPA 70 E standard

The 20cal/cm2 HRC level 2 Arc Kit unlike the 8 and 12 cal kits is assembled with a hood instead of an arc face shield, hard cap, rubber insulated glove kits(insulated rubber gloves, leather protector and glove bag), safety glasses, air plug and gear bag. Assembled to NFPA 70 E standard.