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Arc Flash PPE Clothing & Kits

Alliance Suppliers, Inc. is a Global Resource Center for Electrical Safety, Arc Protection. We offer universal sizing and custom/altered sizing upon request for our Arc Flash Protection Clothing. Our protective clothings are made to NFPA 70E standard and satisfies the regulation for OSHA Electrical Safety. We offer a wide range of Arc Protection Safety Apparel and accessories such as electrical arc shields, goggles, insulated rubber gloves, switchboard dielectric mats, arc suppression blankets and insulated hand tools.

Arc fault is a likely occurrence in electrical distribution systems. We do urge workers to think electrical safety and wear arc protection when working around energized systems. An arc fault is a high power discharge of electricity that occurs between conductors. This situation can occur by accident, corrosion or loose connections. Workers should always have some knowledge of the system they are working on and protect themselves against the possible level of arc fault. We offer clothing to offset some of the possible danger to workers. All of the Arc flash protection clothing distributed by ASI are built and advertised with an Arc Thermal Performance Value (ATPV) this value is presented in calories per centimeter square. The garment we supply has a label that shows the level of protection that is expected from the garment. Among our clothing are four categories of arc protection. PPE Categories 2, 3 and 4. Material commonly used in the manufacturing of our clothing is Indura Ultra Soft, Carbon –X, Nomex and other inherent (FR) fabric.

We do provide clothing to satisfy the wearer in Alaska in winter and Arizona in summer.

All of our clothing meets requirement of Specification ASTM F1506 & NFPA 70E standard. The hazard risk category is labeled to the garment along with the ATPV arc rating. We help workers to be compliance with OSHA Electrical Safety standard.

Our program for Electrical Safety, arc protection also offers head and face protection equipment. we offer arc- hoods with built in shields supply with hard, knitted hood or balaclava , face shield and goggles. Our goggles are unique and must be worn with a balaclava for compliance. All of our head and face protection meet OSHA Electrical Safety and NFPA 70E standard.

Among our electrical Safety Equipment is our insulated rubber gloves and leather protector glove .The gloves are offer in class base on voltage levels.

To help our customers with their selection process we offer much of the above clothing and equipment in kit forms... Our arc protection kits start from an 8 cal/cm2, 12, 20, 32, 43, 44 and 74 cal/cm2. You may select from the following arc kits, jacket and bib overall, coverall, jacket and pants and coat and leggings.

Our Accessories are Arc Suppression Blanket, Dielectric/ Switchboard Mats, and Insulated Tools (1000 V).

Our blankets are made from Kelvar –the same aramid fiber DuPont uses in combat helmets and body armor-and covered with flame- resistant nomex III to protect the kevlar from ultraviolet degradation. Our Arc suppression blankets have been successfully tested at 42000 amps of fault current.

Our non-conductive or switchboard/dielectric mats are designed to help prevent electric shocks around high voltage electrical equipment such as fuse boxes, and control panels.

We offer the finest made and highest quality of insulated hand tools and linesman tools our tools exceed the requirements of the ASTM F150501, Din EN60900, IEC 900 and/or the VDE 0682/part 201 standard for insulated hand tools.

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What is an Electrical Arc?

There are a few reasons why an electrical arc can occur. A very common cause is the contact of two energized conductors that is commonly sustained by air and at times by other gases. An electrical arc may occur in a direct current circuit (DC) or an alternating current circuit (AC). An electric arc should not be confused with an electric spark. An electric arc is a continuous and a spark is a momentary discharge.

What is Arc Flash?

An Arc Flash is an energy discharge that forms when a fault occurs in an electrical circuit. The arcing fault results a high level of energy that's creating an arc blast, vaporize metals in its surroundings and create serious injuries to personnel in its environment. It is NOT SHOCK so it is not necessary to touch live components to leads to arc flash hazards. Arc flash can generates more than 35,000°F which is four times the surface temperature of the sun. At this temperature all the know materials are vaporized and air blast that can spread molten metal to great distances with force.

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